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G. G. Subscription established in the year 2004 with the sole objective of making a mark in the trade by serving the society with value based business practices and ethics. Today we proudly look back at our track record and are indeed proud to be known in this industry for our fair practices and services rendered in knowledge transfer. G. G. Subscription has almost become a household name in the Industry for quality service.

G. G. Subscription soon established links with all International Publishers and major domestic Knowledge consumers across a wide spectrum of academic institutions, research centers and institutes in various fields of studies viz Science, Technology, Management, Engineering, Medical, Sociology, Banking and Finance etc. With major plans in pipeline, G G BOOKS is poised to acquire leadership in the Industry with a suite of products and services relevant to the Knowledge management and distribution.

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  • G. G. Subscriptions Agency G G Subscriptions has been successfully providing excellent subscription services and supplying of journals, magazines, reports, market studies, etc.    
  • G. G. Books & Periodicals We have handling all kinds of Magazines/Journals related to News-based (Business Week, Economist, Time, Newsweek, Fortune), Management, HR, Finance, Accounts Computers, Engineering & Management, etc.    

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G.G. Subscription website launchedWe have launched our website to help our customer to know more about us....

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